"Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Simple 5-Email Nurture Sequence"

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If you want to map out your own really brilliant 5 Email Nurture Sequence, I’ll tell you exactly what to write.  

You can download my tried and tested sequence, and I've got a formula for you to plug in your own stuff. Easy peasy!  

No more: - Wondering what you should write and when to schedule your emails - Worrying about how to grab their attention so that they actually open your emails - Hope marketing - randomly sending out newsletters here and there with no focused action plan or purpose in mind  

Instead, use my secret formula to create your own powerful 5 Email Nurture Sequence that is perfectly tailored to your ideal client and will ensure they get the follow up care and attention they deserve after they take that first action step of registering for your awesome freebie! All on autopilot!